About the Monkey (Read this before proceeding to avoid confusion)

Monkey V2.0

My Name is Marcus Knight. I’ve been a diving instructor for more than 10 years around various parts of the globe. I’ve spent a large part of my career training people from first breaths through to Instructor level, managing liveaboard boats and dive centres, and witnessing everything that’s good and bad about scuba diving and scuba divers.

I write articles on Scuba Diving, as well as movie reviews, book reviews and random outbursts on everything from politics, religion, sport – and why TV is a distracting pain in the arse. Some are serious. Some are humorous. And if you can’t tell the difference, this probably isn’t the site for you.

You can also find more of my Scuba-related articles at Divezone.net  where I write the liveaboard reviews.

I also design web-sites. Contact me if you’d like to see an example of my work or feel I could do something to improve your website.

I hope you find my slightly caustic, tongue-in-cheek bits of rambling amusing. If you don’t like what I have to say or you’re offended…that’s unlucky.

However, if you like what I do, want to contact me, or would like me to write something for your website – here’s a contact form.


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